Welcome to csharp-functional documentationΒΆ

The csharp-functional repository started as a learning experience about functional programming concepts. The main trigger was a Pluralsight video from Vladimir Khorikov named Applying Functional Principles in C#.

After watching the video I immediately tried to apply the concepts in one of my pet projects and I found that I wanted a bit more than the functionality described in the Pluralsight course. In the course the Result type that is described is capable of holding or not a value, so you have: Result or Result<T>. In both cases you have an error property which is of type string that you can chose to set to describe what went wrong. I felt that using a string to describe an error was not what I wanted in most cases. So all of this started because I wanted to create a Result monad which could have an error of any type. It turned out to be much more complex than I could have imagined...

I highly advise you to watch that Pluralsight course as well as to read Eric Lippert’s series of blog posts on monads.

This documentation aims to provide enough instructions to successfully use the NuGet packages as well as understanding the code in the repository. While reading it keep in mind that:

  • Although it mentions monads, it’s outside of the scope to try to explain what a monad is.
  • The more resources section contains links that will be helpful to understand what a monad is.
  • Since my understanding of monads is limited it might very well be possible that I sometimes use the word incorrectly.
  • All code examples are meant to illustrate the usage of the NuGet packages and are not meant to reflect real world code practices.
  • Whenever I say an ok result/httpresult I mean a result/httpresult that has the IsSuccess property equal to true.
  • Whenever I say a fail result/httpresult I mean a result/httpresult that has the IsFailure property equal to true.